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Matrix (71)
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Animal (141)
Animal (141)


Animal (141)
Date: 09.01.2007 06:01
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he is not around

just a few months, but I think he and I contact less, also don't care about me, although each meeting is still very good. Until December, we had an argument, two people are very angry, but he let me. In fact,[url=]??? ??[/url], I now think of his temper is so bad, he is not around, do not care about me, so I deliberately let him pay attention to my temper.
this year have the Spring Festival to his home, he at home to me a little not usually so good, so we are in his home all Naoguo conflicts. First I back home the morning, leaving two people still be reluctant to part, by night he puts forward to want to divorce, said I didn't love, also said his mother forced him to break up. I was cheated, unable to accept it, he don't answer the phone, information does not return, I said to him to work for him, he let me go, do not see me.
we are together, because of the separation of the two places, see a January before, but have been feeling very well,[url=]??????[/url], he is my pet, I think the object found life can rely on. Then I let his family know, do not agree with us, but he was determined to stay with me, so we get a marriage certificate, about 09 years to have a baby as soon as possible, he will come here to work.

night: Night Campanula Campanula
hello! For children, my advice is: unless you truly want to do mom, or not to have children for other purposes. Do you think children will narrow the distance between each other, improve your relationships, but not that many similar cases.
! And the husband know before, I had a hurt feelings, also done ectopic pregnancy operation, so a few years did not dare and man. But the husband just know I wanted to have a future with me, so I gave him the chance, then I will take my case to him, if he can accept, we will continue to contact, I don't want to lie to him.
I communicate with him a lot, think having a child, two people live together certainly feeling better, but he always indifference. Now I really don't know what to do, and I think he wants a child, but also fear the future together, his family still hates me, he doesn't love me, I'll never happy. Please help me, what should I do?
so I suggest, you problems between husband and wife also >
after the birth of a child will break the old order of life, a lot of new problems and contradictions between husband and wife, if not stable, harmonious feelings, can not be mutual tolerance, mutual caring to face and adapt to the new life pattern, that these new problems will only bring more discomfort, and even become a dispute between the two sides. And when you help children improve the marital relationship hopes, innocent children are likely to be you as a burden, thus the negative emotions on their own to him.
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they are not selling these things are not very valuable, "said the Englishman," they just mineral crystal, nothing more. There are hundreds of ten thousand mineral crystal on Earth, but knowledgeable people know that they are the Urim and Thummim. At first, I did not know this place has produced Urim and Thummim This is a sage gave me a gift. "The boy said the British have not said anything. Then he reached into his pocket, took out two trembling identical gems you mention to a sage." And he said you do not believe in deities and Shepherd will talk. "The boy said, this time he wants to end the conversation." On the contrary. When the rest of the world refuses to recognize a sage, is the shepherd first recognized strong and resolute.One writer said: the way of life, always still have to quietly finish. Things of life, there is always whether you like it or not, it should happen, you can only accept; always something, whether you hide not escape, it must come, you just have to face. In this world, not all things are logical, sometimes the mountain is the story of water, the cloud is the story of the wind; some time, the star is not the story of the night, love is not love stories. Life is ever changing, fickle things, why are those non-scores tangled? Bearish, it does not matter right and wrong; put down, success or failure will then matter.To learn to a person walking, a person thinking, a person efforts to understand the essence of their own life, to know joy behind permanent regret to quiet and peaceful mind to experience the life of loneliness and pain. When we overcome the grief, pain, and since then, our lives, will like the summer sun, thorough bright shine. Time can be old face, memories fade, change the landscape, but the tranquil and bright mood, if you stick to it given not lost. Calm heart, the world will become calm, resolute heart, the suffering would not be suffering.Just bright enough heart, even though there is little haze anyway. We walked all the way, just to say goodbye to the past, enjoy the scenery. In the hustle and bustle of the Red, the pastoral landscape that party stick in my mind. Chaos in the heart, not trapped in the situation, without fear of the future, do not read in the past. Do not worry about the season will not grow old, do not worry about the sun and the moon will not be dark. Fan Wu among retain the true, return to nature, meditation cultivation.Buddha said: A life such as living in the forest of thorns, the heart does not move people do not frivolous, not moving is not hurt. White plum blossoms fall, he said: Life was not begging, no matter how life's distress, should calmly go on, I do not live up to Shaoguang. San Mao said: If you were reincarnated, do a tree, stand in eternity, not sad posture: half in the dust, serene, half flying in the air; half of the scattered shade, half sun bathing. Very very proud of silence, never rely on never find. Huiyin said: gentle to have, but not compromise, we need to in silence, calmly strong. Enron years sitting in a corner, in a serene and no one can find a place to put those people and things painful, buried in the deepest years. Since then, the moon and let him down Lau, heart and no rain and no clear. Without fear or panic, hurry, let students peace of mind, so that the soul of peace, to have life henceforth clear sky. Quietly, quietly, enjoying one of Chunhuaqiuyue.
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