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Anime (53)
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Booklet Printing After the printing process bookbinder Experience Sharing

In the process of binding books, especially binding line of production, the book page is the main raw material input machine. Folded merits of the quality, proper storage methods will directly affect the quality of the whole operation, the impact of the overall effectiveness of the play.
Pages into the machine before finishing crucial
In the process of binding books, especially binding line of production, the book page is the main raw material input machine. Folded merits of the quality, proper storage methods will directly affect the quality of the whole operation, the impact of the overall effectiveness of the play. According to our field survey of more than ten binding line: The occurrence of more than sixty percent bookbinder downtime is caused by a non-standard pages, even with a cast of waste means linkage line will not shut down, also due to neutral operation reduces productivity. So spend a few million dollars to make the full benefits of the introduction of the device, it is necessary to minimize downtime, neutral running phenomenon, to ensure a balanced entire line each station running smoothly.
Accordingly, in the handling of the page to adhere to: 1. Page after nicking fully exclude air inside pages securely bundled with a hard wood, flat stacking maintain level service book pages. 2. Try to avoid the thin pages. Indeed due to the inevitable two-page sheet restrictions, should be addressed nested manner. Appears illustration or a single page should be attached to the adjacent page, and then bundled deal. This seems to increase the workload, but on the support operation efficiency mechanical (especially binding line) is economical, books with pages also greatly reduce the error rate. Because we adhere to the book page into the machine before setting strict accordance Process clause. Make binding product quality and work efficiency improved significantly.
To book pages winter temperature adaptability treatment
Usually the size of the printing business, because book production cycle and plant area restrictions, the habit of book pages folded stored in the warehouse or outdoors no heating. This storage method in the spring, summer and autumn to stick together effect bookbinder books not obvious, in the cold winter months if stored for several days in the warehouse or outdoors page gluing process immediately, it will seriously affect the bond strength and even cause books and leaflets. This is because the glue in contact with the freezing of book pages, glue instant lower surface temperature, fast curing. Page difficult for infiltration, thereby significantly reducing the bonding effect. Therefore, in the cold season hot melt adhesive processing order books, be sure to make pages and bookbinder stored in the same environment as the ambient temperature over 24 hours aging treatment, to ensure that the inherent quality perfect bound books.
Milling and notching more attention should be paid back
In recent years, rotary machines, folding machines widely used in printing. Binding production, improve the quality of folding. Some manual folding shorts phenomenon has caused widespread attention processing units, due to milling problems impervious sheets have been a better solution. Author for an "old binding," the habit, once in Beijing Xidan Book City, observed went through 60 different thickness, different format of books, and books for use in the plant to monitor the quality of thumb, look at the quality perfect binding books in 60 kinds of books because there is no one cause of milling back sheets. Those who book back flat, with a certain level of tension to pull the book back without creases book appeared, have a better slot treatment, showing a good performance with linkage machining. This book even layer within 0.6mm book back also has high strength, with a larger force to open the book back can still restore the prototype. In contrast, no book slotting process, even layer of 1mm or more, if you can see a little harder to turn milling section and a layer of paper behind the book back creases. Such books are generally small disc machine, since on-line machine is not properly adjusted using slotted mechanism caused by a quality defect.
For several years, we will be quality milling slotting behind page as a main focus of the monitoring control, transformation, solved the station imperfect partly mechanical structure, so the operation is more stable grooving station, the structure is more reasonable. Such as the introduction of Wallenberg binding line, after notching knife on board the original machine design is the soft material, even though it can avoid the damage caused by improper operation slotted knife, but very durable. Usually two hours or so that is to be adjusted once every ten minutes downtime. Further, since the on board software and fast wear and tear caused by the board to adjust the book before and after installation groove shades, different beginning. To ensure a more consistent slotted frequent adjustments necessary replacement on board, increasing the downtime, severely restricted the play of mechanical performance. In short, no matter what type of production perfect binding books using a slotted handled correctly or not directly affect the quality of the merits of books, it is one of the important aspects of a good adhesive binding process should be controlled.
Proper use of different stations on the tire
The appearance of a perfect bound books and reliable quality, in the production process, can not be properly adjusted before and after ignoring two rubberized wheels. Various types of bookbinder with at least one set of plastic furnace, each furnace has two rubber tire glue to run books. We both tire is used to adjust: the first tire to adjust to the books after a slight contact with the slotted, it will give the glue brought great pressure to book slots poured in order to plastic tank filled, but you can not book back extrusion. The second tire from books relative gap according to the thickness of books, paper ideal situation by adjusting the layer thickness, do not squeeze play when care is appropriate glue to both sides. We use this way to adjust the front tire, the production of all kinds of books. We can do book back rebate thickness and thickness basically no difference, to ensure the smooth and beautiful appearance of perfect bound books.
Proper selection, use hot melt adhesive
Last winter, when we clean up after melting outdoor hot melt adhesive, hot melt discoveries have extremely brittle after freezing phenomenon, immediately plant a variety of price points, five brands of hot melt adhesive film made in refrigerator Frozen inside were simple test. Test result: only two frozen at minus 2 ? not brittle break after four hours. When we exercise power in a large plastic plant the indicators, the other actually no such test. This book is hard to imagine using glue produced in the cold winter will not loose pages, at least there is no guarantee that lingers page. Our factory is located in North China, there are at least a hundred days a year with temperatures well below zero, most users of our books are produced in this region. Especially teaching class readers, most of the students in rural areas, their winter reading ambient temperature is below zero. Accordingly, we are into the factory of the hot melt adhesive to each brand, each lot are to be strictly inspected, only each indicator are qualified to enter the plant gum. Thus, to ensure product quality perfect binding. Indicators of our control are the following:
(1) low-temperature resistance. Our own design of a temperature-controlled freezer, temperature control error +/- 1 ?, temperature range of -10-10 ?. The hot melt adhesive made from a certain strip, bent into the freezer shelf, at a predetermined temperature for 30 minutes after the bending test. At -1 ? without breaking for qualified products. Currently, we are working to design a low temperature can be automatically controlled performance analyzer to make measurement results more objective and scientific.
(2) The fatigue strength. This is an indicator of the number of bending-resistant layer is detected, it can guarantee to read books after many still intact. First, the hot melt adhesive tape made according to the provisions, then,[url=]Booklet Printing[/url], at a predetermined temperature fatigue strength tester (homemade) to test on.
(3) proportion. After comparative tests we found that a specific gravity greater than gum, integrated performance is lower than the proportion of hot melt adhesive is less than 1. In addition, the greater the proportion of hot melt adhesive in the same layer, single-use plastic present greater the weight, which will significantly increase the cost of production. Determination of specific gravity measurement method can be related to adhesives. In practice, we often use "hydroplaning" method for qualitative determination: specific gravity greater than 1 will sink to the bottom gum, gum specific gravity less than 1 is floating on the water. This method is simple, but efficient and effective.
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